Transferring credit to the highschool

Email of the Day:
We’d like to homeschool our mid-sophomore daughter for one semester only to finish up her sophomore year and then enroll her in Running Start next fall. It’s interesting that some of you felt pressured to enroll your kid in the HS and especially interesting that the high school offered them to graduate with a high school diploma. That’s exactly what our daughter wants to do! She very much wants to graduate with her classmates in cap and gown in the graduation ceremony, the whole shebang. But her high school doesn’t seem to be able to give her high school credit for a semester of Homeschooling. So, the big question is: How do we get her credits counted at her high school for her one semester of homeschooling so she meets their requirements for graduation? Otherwise she’ll be a semester behind. If she proves her academic capability on the CAT/5 does the school have to accept her as a fully credited junior next fall?

Thanks much for any advice.

The law requires the school to sit down with you to go over her records, but it does not require then to take those credits toward graduation. My best advice is to come up with a plan that you make with the school principal and then get the agreement in writing before you begin.
Alternatively, if you enroll in a public school at home program, you can transfer credits from the one public school to the other.