Where the Homeschoolers Are

WA Homeschool Fun Fact:

The largest cities in WA are Seattle (668K), Spokane (212K), and Tacoma (205K).

Here’s the three largest cities and their homeschool populations (as documented on Declarations of Intent), with the other largest homeschool populations included:

School District Name (homeschool count) (city population)
[Note: where the population is missing, the SD is made up of more than one city].

Spokane (527 kidlets in 327 families) (212K)
Puyallup (524 kidlets in 294 families) (39K)
Olympia (516 kidlets in 357 families) (49K)
Kent (454 kidlets in 263 families) (125K)
South Kitsap (436 kidlets in 221 families)
Quilcene (403 kidlets in 200 families)
Lake Washington (400 kidlets in 243 families)
Oak Harbor (398 kidlets in 222 families) (22K)
Northshore (393 kidlets in 203 families)
Bellingham (387 kidlets in 250 families) (83K)
Seattle (362 kidlets in 251 families) (668K)
Vancouver (361 kidlets in 216 families) (169K)
Battle Ground (360 kidlets in 256 families) (18K)
Penninsula (335 kidlets in 179 families)
Tacoma (334 kidlets in 201 families) (205K)

The OSPI counts 21,213 kidlets in 12,288 families homeschooling in Washington this year.
That figure does not include kidlets 5-7, families who did not file the DofI, or students enrolled full time in ALEs, PPPs, or VAs.

2,707 of you took advantage of the part time attendance, and 2,187 returned to school this year.

Bummed that you didn’t see your school district in this report? You can access it yourself here.