Withdrawing from School without a Becca Bill Charge

Email of the Day:
If you don;t mind I have to go to see CPS because I am getting my son into home school and the principle knew we were going out of town so he turn me in to CPS because my son had a melt down because he didn’t want to go into the high school room and hes in 8th grade and isn’t even at that level .its been a fight to get him to go to school the last year. They said My son needs to do this and he doesn’t have a say in this. I didn’t see any point in sending him back to school after the principle stated my son would stay in the “alcove room until he got tired of being there and give up and go to the high school room.to me this is a jail room its a small room with a desk to do school work and complete isolation . I have requested help for my son and theirs a 11/2 year waiting list I have called for help and doors are shut I went to Specialist for help they gave me a list that so far has got me no where. we are moving and maybe we will have better luck .I already home schooled 3 of my sons in 8th grade I know I can help my son threw his home schooling

The principal is required by law to prosecute for truancy.
To avoid a Becca Bill charge when you’re moving from public school to homeschool, you need to formally withdraw your student, qualify, and declare intent before removing your 8-18yo from school
. You can formally withdraw and submit the declaration of intent on the same day, but you should have that declaration turned in to the superintendent before removing your child from school. ~Jen GS