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Work Full Time and Homeschool?

Email: Can I work full time and still homeschool? Answer: Many people do this. You don’t have to home”school” from 7am-4pm, M-F, from September until June. The law says you get to choose when, where, and how you go about this awesome homeschool journey. Consider, if you will, the math: There are 5,840 waking hours

Socialization for Moms (really, socializing for moms)

This morning, in my local group, a [self-proclaimed] lonely introverted mom wrote this: Socialization: we talk about it a lot for the kiddos. But is anyone else struggling to socialize as a “grown up”? We are first year homeschoolers and I’m amazed at how much I miss adult conversation that’s not my husband or mom.

Testing is a Tool, not a Bar

Email of the Day: How would you know you are on track for testing each year? Answer (the back-and-forth has been edited out for brevity): You order the test (or assessment) sometime between 15 September and the following 14 September. Then you do it. Then you’re on track. I think maybe you’re asking something else.

Supposedly Homeschooling

Email of the Day: My highschool aged year old step son is supposed to be homeschooled by his Mom. But when we asked him what classes he has, he says he doesn’t have any. It is a touchy subject with the Mom and we feel like our hands are tied. What do we do? What