Running Start

Running Start is a public school program that allows high school 11th and 12th graders to attend community or technical college. Credits earned in the community or technical college count as college credit, as well as high school credit, which may, but aren’t required to, fulfill graduation requirements for a public high school diploma. The state pays the college tuition and parents are responsible for books, fees, and transportation.

What is Running Start?

A state funding program for highschool juniors and seniors to access the community colleges (and some of the 4 year schools) for up to 6 quarters.

When can I apply?

Eligibility is based on grade, not age. The youngest person we know to attend RS was 10. In general, the process for signing up begins in the spring of the sophomore (10th grade) year.

Application Process

In general, the process for signing up begins in the spring of the sophomore (10th grade) year. We suggest approaching the college first, and taking the placement tests, as RS does not pay for pre-curriculum coursework. Then you’ll go to your local highschool and enroll (in a grossly oversimplified explanation of this, the state pays the school, the school takes 7%, and then the school pays the college). In some districts, the district office will take the RS application. The school counselor will then give you the Running Start Eligibility Verification Form, which you will take to the college to register for classes. You’ll repeat the last two steps for up to 6 consecutive quarters, minus the summer.

Running Start: Video

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