Member at Large

Wendy Gudiel

We started to homeschool back in 2015 out of need. The public school system was failing my daughter, and there was a significant decline in her mental health. After much research and reflection on what we wanted for our children, we decided to homeschool. Homeschooling has been by far the best decision we have made. It has allowed us to focus on our children’s mental health and schooling. I stopped working and stayed home full-time to make the transition. Unfortunately, life happened, and I became a single mother that needed to return to work full-time. We are making homeschooling work with a strong support network. I also work full-time as a clinical social worker, providing psychotherapy to children and adults. I have found WHO to be a great support and resource. I’m honored for the chance to get to support homeschooling families as a member of the WHO Board.