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K-12 and a PPP?

Email of the Day: Can my kids participate in K-12 or another online virtual academy and also use a PPP locally? Answer: The problem with enrolling in K-12 and trying to also enroll in a local PPP is a problem of FTE (full time equivalency, a unit of measure used in schools). In general, you

Sports Eligibility and Homeschooling

Email of the Day: Hi Jen, I need to find out some information about my son being able to play football at his local public school when he is homeschooled. I remember from previous conversations and/or your class that homeschooled kids can play sports, but before I inquire with the school – I just want

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy In Action: WHO received an email the other day from a mom who’d approached her school over the summer to sign her 10th graders up for the PSAT. (You can sign up for the SAT online and then just show up at the school, but you have to sign up for the PSAT at

Part time Homeschooling

Email of the Day: I want to homeschool my public school student for 1 or 2 classes only. Can I do this? How can I do this? How do I get them to accept credit toward graduation / advancing to the next grade? Answer: While homeschoolers and private schoolers are guaranteed the right to attend

Transferring Highschool Credit

Email of the Day: This may be a question for Jen-do public schools have to recognize homeschool transcripts for credit towards graduation? We ran into this with our oldest son and the charter school he started at his senior year would not accept the credits earned from the previous year homeschooling. We worked it out-he