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Some Homeschool Math

In WA, we have a requirement of 1,000 hours for homeschooling. (In a school, this is generally 180 5.5 hour days, more or less). This includes everything that happens in school — lunch, recess, lining up, Johnny can’t find his pencil, Susy’s acting up, every fieldtrip, field day, every substitute teacher blow off, every time

CRHE in the news

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is an organization comprised of formerly homeschooled students who feel (and, in many cases, rightly so) that their parents were derelict in their homeschooling. As such, the seek to see more legislation and regulations for homeschooling, and they’ve started to move toward recommending that homeschooling copy the public schools.

Transferring Highschool Credit

Email of the Day: This may be a question for Jen-do public schools have to recognize homeschool transcripts for credit towards graduation? We ran into this with our oldest son and the charter school he started at his senior year would not accept the credits earned from the previous year homeschooling. We worked it out-he

Sports and Immunizations

Email of the Day: My sons are participating in sports at Local HS this year, which has seen an influx of such students this year. They are telling us it is required to submit their immunization status for the registration of those students. The main reason, we are told, is “wouldn’t we want to know

Required hours per subject?

Email of the Day: Are there a required number of hours per subject the kids are mandated to do a day/week/year?? I just ordered grade 5 CLE for my 8yo and grade 3 CLE for my 6yo because in the next 30 days they will have done all of grades 4 and 2 respectively. I