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WHO Sponsored Parent Qualifying Course  – January 18, 2020 – 9:00am to 1:00pm


Why Homeschool?

There are many advantages to think about when considering a homeschooling lifestyle. Read more to find out.

Support Groups & Co-Ops

Groups or individuals in the following regions or counties have notified WHO that they offer local support groups, co-ops, or other groups for homeschoolers. Read more.

Information & Resources

Information and listing of resources you need to be successful in homeschooling. Read more.

Running Start

In June of 2004, members of WHO formed the Running Start Task Force (RSTF). This group was formed in response to calls and e-mails to our office from parents who were unable to access the Running Start program, due to federal reporting requirements of the “No Child Left Behind” mandate. Read more.

Community Resources

A list of community resources available to homeschool families. The criteria for this list is that an resource be beneficial to homeschoolers, a free event and be more than a regular support group meeting. Free community activities, classes or speakers would all qualify. Read more.

If you have an event or resource that doesn’t meet these qualifications, you may want to advertise in the WHO’s News. Information on advertising can be found here.

The Law

Washington State laws as they apply to homeschooling. Read more.

Declaration of Intent

Washington State law requiring filing of intent to homeschool. Read more.

Special Populations

Parents are sick and tired of fighting tooth and nail to get the minimum for their Special Needs kids, and they’re looking for options. Read more.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Top frequently asked questions relating to homeschooling. Read more.