Qualifying Courses

The following individuals have notified WHO that they offer a qualifying course for homeschooling. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by WHO, nor does it guarantee that the services offered meet the requirements of the law. It is up to the parent to verify that the course being offered is sponsored by a postsecondary or vocational-technical institution.

The law pertaining to qualifying courses, 28A.225.010(4) states: …if such activities are: (b) Provided by a parent who is instructing his or her child only and who has either earned forty-five college level quarter credit hours or its equivalent in semester hours or has completed a course in home-based instruction at a postsecondary institution or a vocational-technical institute;

Qualifying Course Instructors – Please email WHO with any changes to course information. Thank you.

The “t” indicates the instructor travels outside their area to provide qualifying courses.
The “c” indicates the instructor offers the qualifying course by correspondence, tape, or internet.


Instructors Contact Sponsoring Institution
Karen Allwine (t)
5634 Swenson Road
Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026
509-276-2476 Community Colleges of Spokane
Candice Childs (t, c)

2490 S Bakerview Park Drive,
Ferndale, WA 98148

206- 963-3928

Website Link

Multnomah University
Becky Develle Rubies31@comcast.net
Smoothing the Way www.swahninfo.net
Clark CollegeTriune Biblical University
Diana McAlister (t)
23420 Jordan Road
Arlington, WA 98223


Website Link

Multnomah University
Amber McGuire &
Ruth Wagley
Triune Biblical University
Carrie Patterson
P.O. Box 65042
Vancouver, WA 98665
Multnomah University
Beth Rosenzweig (c)
513 NE 205th Street
Seattle, WA 98155
ON-LINE at Skagit Valley College and Edmonds Community College

Skagit Valley College
Edmonds Community College

Julie Sessions
595 Trout Lake Road
Bellingham, WA 98225
Whatcom Community College
Barb Shelton (C)
of Homeschool Oasis
Please start at this web page:
Online Bible CollegeTriune Biblical University
Helen Williams
PO Box 1
Camas, WA 98607
360-835-5500 Triune Biblical University