Donating to WHO



Now It’s Even Easier to Support WHO!

As a nonprofit organization, WHO is eligible to receive donations through the United Way. The United Way provides a simple way for people to make donations through their place of employment to those organizations in their community they would like to support. In the United Way brochure many organizations are listed as United Way partners, but many other organizations are not included. To facilitate contributions to those organizations not listed, the United Way pledge form contains an area where the name of any nonprofit organization, like WHO, can be listed. When the United Way campaign begins at your place of employment this fall, please consider writing “Washington Homeschool Organization” in the space provided. And remember, many companies contribute matching funds to the organizations their employees pledge to.

Dedicated to Homeschoolers in Washington

WHO is the only statewide organization dedicated to preserving the rights of independent homeschoolers in Washington. WHO has, for many years, been an effective voice in the state singing the praises of homeschooling to the legislature, the press, and the community at large. WHO’s web site is visited by thousands of homeschoolers every month, searching for information as they begin their homeschool careers, or seeking the latest news from Olympia on the state of homeschoolers’ legal rights. The WHO volunteers handle hundreds of phone calls every month.

One Stop Convention

WHO’s convention and curriculum fair in Puyallup provide a one-stop-shopping venue for classes and information to re-ignite the homeschooling fire within and educational aids that range from a full satellite-based curriculum to an arthropod sock puppet for that eight-legged creature unit you might want to do next year.

Graduate With Us

The WHO graduation ceremony provides a special atmosphere to celebrate the end of homeschooling and the transition to adulthood for those we hold most dear.

Why We Do What We Do

We do this all with 1 part-time paid employee, an office manager, and a contracted convention coordinator. The rest of the efforts WHO expends on behalf of the homeschool community are all volunteer. The phones, the web site, the dozens of people who make the convention a success, the folks who trek to Olympia when the legislature becomes unfriendly to homeschoolers are all doing this out of the goodness of their hearts and the sincere desire to make sure that homeschooling is successful for anyone brave enough and dedicated enough to give it a go.

We’d like to do more, but to do that, we need help in the form of both funds and volunteers. So please, consider including WHO in your United Way contribution this year, and consider volunteering your time and energy to WHO.

Help us to support homeschooling and the children whose lives are forever changed by it.