Member at Large

Cari Duffy

When my first child was born I was a certified teacher running a private school. I loved teaching children so it was easy to decide to homeschool my children from the start of their education.

We began as unschoolers then transitioned to eclectic homeschooling during the early childhood years. By fourth grade, we settled on classical homeschooling appreciating the trivium cycles modeled around the developmental stages of children. This latter style of homeschooling also brought us into a very thriving community of homeschoolers in which my children are now on their highschool journey. Today my daughters are homeschooling with the Classical Conversations high school program and I am working part time. I am able to see now how tremendously helpful homeschooling them has been in sharpening their minds, building good character, and laying a foundation of responsibility and respect. Our family is blessed by our homeschooling journey together.

Due to switching homeschooling ideologies we have tried out most of the varieties of homeschooling curriculum!

We value the support we have received over the years from WHO such as protecting homeschooling rights in WA State, answering questions, providing classes, and offering valuable resources. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to serve on the board and help continue to support and protect homeschooling families in Washington State.

A very important thing I have learned along the way is that my teaching experience did not make me “better” at homeschooling. It did help me easily jump in with confidence and my family did not argue with our schooling choice. Some of what I’d learned made it harder though. I have known dozens of the most incredible homeschooling parents and only a few had previous teaching experience.

Anyone can homeschool. It is by far the most incredible thing you can do for your whole family!