Member at Large

Kathy Gelzer

We began our homeschool journey with our firstborn. Wanting to make an informed choice for his education, we thoroughly investigated public, private, and homeschool options. For kindergarten, we gave homeschooling a trial year and were soon sold on it for him as well as his two younger sisters. We loved the freedom and individual tailoring it gave us, the values we could instill, the time for important conversations, the wide variety of friends, the connections made between subjects, the love for learning, and not least of all the bonds formed between our children and in our family.

Our kids, ages 26, 22, and 21 are all grown up. The older two are college grads (mechanical engineering and American Sign Language) and the youngest is a theatre major in Jackson MS. They are all planning to homeschool when they have children of their own, which I think says something about their experience.

Empty-nesting has allowed me to open an Airbnb in my home and tutor students individually.
Besides hosting a wide variety of guests, some of my favorite pastimes are playing the piano, reading Agatha Christie mysteries, and writing letters the old-fashioned way.

Even though my homeschooling days are over, I remain passionate about it and want to help others who are choosing this wonderful way of life and learning!