Executive Director

Debbie Jurasek

I began homeschooling in 1989, just 4 years after the homeschooling law in Washington was passed. It was never my intention to homeschool but when I went to check into kindergarten for my first born, I was told that they would be sharing the bathroom with drug rehab patients but not to worry, there would be guards in the bathrooms. That made me think long and hard about my choices. A good friend told me about homeschooling and my husband thought it was a great idea. I cried. So began our journey. I always told myself, I would take it one year at a time. We ended up homeschooling our 3 boys all the way through high school and I never regretted my decision. All 3 of my boys are grown, gainfully employed and doing well. 2 of them are married with children (being a Gramma is the best). Our family is very close and we see each other often. I began volunteering for the Washington Homeschool Org. as a phone volunteer and volunteered in different ways throughout the years. I am now the Executive Director and I am humbled and honored to serve in this position for an organization I am passionate about..