Can I spring my kid from public school at any time?

Email of the Day:
The declaration of intent has to be submitted by September 15th. What if I decide to start homeschooling in the middle of a school year, i.e. now or a bit later in the semester? It also says 2 weeks before a quarter, trimester or semester of a school year. I do not understand, since there are no quarters or trimesters; what does this mean? Can I take my child for homeschooling at any given moment or do I have to wait until a quarter / trimester / semester?

No fears! The school can’t hold your child hostage until the end of the term. You may withdraw your child and file your intent any day — today, if you wish. The law specifies that you have to get it in BY those sets of dates, not ONLY on those dates. (I will note, there are a few districts that have chosen to read the law that you may only file on those dates. If you find yourself faced with an official taking that stand, please let me know the district and the person, and I will get them sorted out).
~Jen G.S., Advocacy Chair