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2020 Emmett Comer Scholarship Winner – Raena Mawson

WHO is proud to present the 2020 Emmett Comer Scholarship Winner – Raena Mawson Here is her winning essay: If you were to walk up to any random person on the street, and ask them to give you an advantage of homeschooling, chances are they would not be able to think of anything. However, contrary

2019 Scholarship Winner – Garrett Grosso

WHO is proud to present the 2019 Emmett Comer Scholarship Winner – Garrett Grosso Here is his winning essay: I am a homeschooled student. I proudly own this title since I know what my family has sacrificed to make this possible. I also know what I have gained through this educational experience. There are so

2018 Emmett Comer Scholarship Winner Rebecca Gelzer

How would my life be different today if I had never been homeschooled? As homeschooling is all I have ever experienced in my education, I can’t say for certain. But I can predict several things: I would not have the deeply rooted relationships I have with my dad, mom, brother, and sister; I would not

HS Transcripts

Email of the Day: I have a question for you regarding a homeschool high school transcript. My daughter will be graduating this spring and she will only have completed 3 years of the high school years. However, she has done a lot of learning during that time and is more than ready to graduate. Yet,


When we started this homeschooling journey in 2003, I had no idea we’d still be doing it 10 years later. We committed to one year at a time for the first several, and I think it took close to 6 years before we admitted we were never going back. I also had no idea that