General Educational Development Test

Homeschooled students sixteen to nineteen years old may take the GED as outlined in the law, RCW 28A.305.190. In order to take the GED, you must do two things. First, the parent must determine and certify in writing that the student has completed a high school course of study. This written statement must be notarized, WAC 180.96.053. Second, you must obtain an application for taking the GED from your school district, usually from your local high school, WAC 180.96.048. At this time, you may be asked for your notarized certification of completion, but often aren’t. The application form must be signed by a district employee, and is required in order to take the GED. GED exams are given at technical and community colleges across the state. Check with your local technical or community college for testing schedule and fees. Good Luck!

Working Minors

Rules regulating the employment of minors are contained in WAC Chapter 296-125. The minimum age for employment in the state of Washington is fourteen, WAC 296-125-018. The number of hours a minor may work is outlined in WAC 269-125-027.

While reading the rules pertaining to the number of hours a minor may work, you will notice that the restrictions are different for fourteen and fifteen-year-olds than they are for sixteen and seventeen-year-olds. Perhaps this is part of the reason that most employers won’t hire children under the age of sixteen. Also note that the rules during the school year are different than those for holidays and vacations.

Sixteen and seventeen-year-olds who are enrolled in a college program or who have obtained their GED are allowed to work at all times those hours stipulated for sixteen and seventeen-year-olds during school vacations. This is equivalent to full-time employment with some restrictions on start and end times.

WAC 269-125-027 (3) “Sixteen- and seventeen-year-old minors who have been issued a certificate of educational competence pursuant to RCW 28A.305.190 (GED), are enrolled in a bona fide college program (Running Start), are named on a valid certificate of marriage, or are shown as the parent on a valid certificate of birth may work as would be permitted during school vacations.”