Debbie Jurasek

Action Needed – Contact your Representatives

Now is the time. This is the week. Please read and act. On December 13th, 2021, SB 5537, reducing the compulsory attendance age from 8 to 5 was pre-filed for the regular session in the Senate. You can read the bill here:…/Senate…/5537.pdf… On Friday, January 14th, at 8am, it is scheduled for public hearing

Withdrawal Forms

If your child is already in school, then you need to formally withdraw h**. Withdrawal Form for 8 years old and up. Withdrawal Form for Under 8 year olds. Note:  If you child is under 8 years old, you do not need to file a Declaration of Intent.

2021 Homeschool Support Association Winner – Madeline Cliffe

A Co-Operation The word ‘cooperation’ implies an operation that is accomplished by two or more figures. In this case, the operation is raising and educating a child, and the figures are literal ones: the child’s parents, parents of other children, and peers. This group of like-minded individuals form a co-operative syndicate, and work as one

2021 Emmett Comer Scholarship Winner – Brandon Wolenetz

I began homeschooling six years ago, in my 7th grade year. Public school for me was not a good option. I did not feel it provided the opportunity to progress the way I wanted. With the help of my parents, I was able to take my education into my own hands through Co-op and Digipen

General Educational Development Test

Homeschooled students sixteen to nineteen years old may take the GED as outlined in the law, RCW 28A.305.190. In order to take the GED, you must do two things. First, the parent must determine and certify in writing that the student has completed a high school course of study. This written statement must be notarized,