Samples of 80 Word Statements

“Samuel is the 5th home-schooled high school graduate in the Derrington family.  Identifying his relationship with Christ as the defining characteristic of his life, Samuel’s faith is demonstrated through service to family, friends, church, and community.  An AWANA Citation Award recipient, nationally certified ski instructor, Varsity Soccer player, community orchestra flutist, landscaping business co-owner, and youth worker- Samuel’s gift of service and accomplishments are practically applied.  Samuel loves people and adventure – Rock-climbing, spelunking, cliff-diving, and Ultimate-Frisbee are all favorite pastimes.  Samuel- continue to put God first in your life, and He will direct your path.”

“To understand Mark, take a visit to his bedroom.  Your gaze will immediately be transfixed by 3 immense monitors.  Realizing the content appears indecipherable, check out the mass of gadgetry.  Not 1 but 3 computers, a laptop, printer, 3 amplifiers, 5 speakers and, not to mention, 1 microwave.  A true homeschool equipped room.  Here Mark hosts his grandfather’s email list of 800, plus is constructing a user-friendly website.  And here is the ultimate reward of his education – motivation, creativity and the ability to teach yourself skills for self-improvement and fulfillment.”

“When Julie Anna Daniels and her parents Lisa and John, along with little brother Mark, started their home school experience 13 years ago, little did they know what an enlightening journey it would become for all.  Today we look back on our unique journey with a true sense of awe that our baby girl can and has accomplished so much and all with honor and service.  Julie is an accomplished life-long learner who plans to continue her fascination with human development by going beyond every book in the county library system and expanding her studies at her 4-H home of Washington State University.”