Debbie Jurasek

Kitsap County Virtual Waste Reduction Lessons

The Kitsap County Solid Waste Division offers two virtual waste reduction lessons for grades 3-5. Lessons are available on all virtual meeting platforms and engage students with Kahoot, a game-based learning platform. Adopt-a-Worm Classroom Composting (Grades 3-5, 30 minutes) Students are introduced to worm bin composting, the anatomy and habitat of Red Wigglers, and reducing food waste. Classroom worm compost

All About Testing, Part 1:

Each year, between 8 and 18, you have to test or assess once annually. Here’s the law: RCW 28A.200.010(1)(c) Ensure that a standardized achievement test approved by the state board of education is administered annually to the child by a qualified individual or that an annual assessment of the student’s academic progress is written by

All About Testing: Part 2

Most test anxiety is adult-induced. And how could it be otherwise after two decades of No Child Left Behind zealous focus on high stakes standardized testing? Even before then, we were encouraged to “do our best” but always with the undertone that our best might not be good enough, and always overlaid with the quiet

Special Needs at Home in Washington

by Patti Durovchic A unique community of homeschoolers is growing in Washington state. More and more families are taking the plunge and pulling their special needs children out of school or keeping them home in the first place. Why the increasing numbers? The reasons are as many and varied as the kids themselves. The idea

2020 Emmett Comer Scholarship Winner – Raena Mawson

Raena’s winning essay: If you were to walk up to any random person on the street, and ask them to give you an advantage of homeschooling, chances are they would not be able to think of anything. However, contrary to what many people think, being homeschooled has given me many advantages in my schooling. It