June 08

WHO Virtual Workshop Conference



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Online Webinar

Virtual Event with online workshops that will be available to view for a whole month whenever it is convenient.


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  • $35 Couple living in same household
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  • Cherelle German - How to Let Go and Free Yourself of the Public-school Mindset in your Homeschooling
  • Janice Hedin - Introduction to Homeschooling
  • Jen Garrison Stuber - How to Homeschool Special Needs
  • Amy Beckstead Leonard - Building a Learning Community
  • Linda Love Gorordo - Homeschooling High School
  • Art Jury - Parent Skillz
  • Janice Hedin - An Honest Look Back- What I Would Do Different If I Could Start Again
  • Monica Miller - Diversity and Homeschooling
  • Tambra Birkebak - Homeschooling on a Shoestring
  • Wendy Gudiel - Parenting and Homeschooling
  • Cherelle German - Practical Steps for Choosing Homeschool Curriculum For Your Family
  • Linda Love Gorordo - High School Transcripts
  • Amber O'Neal Johnston - Sparking Curiosity
  • Amber O'Neal Johnston - Delight and Worldschooling

Janice Hedin

Janice Hedin
Janice homeschooled her children all the way to college and careers. She lobbied for Washington’s Homeschool Law. As a longtime member of the WHO Advocacy Committee, she represented homeschooling at all education-related state agencies. She is passionate about encouraging new homeschoolers.

Tambra Birkebak

Tambra Birkebak
As a veteran homeschooler, Tambra Birkebak prioritized a rich learning adventure, AND as a one income family of 6, the creativity to manage it on a tight budget.

Linda Love Gorordo

Linda Love Gorordo
Linda Love Gorordo is a former homeschooling mom with expertise in homeschooling high school, hybrid schooling and university entrance. For 9 years, Linda has helped Washington parents, and their students find their own educational pathways.

Cherelle German

Cherelle German
Cherelle is an extroverted mama to three wonderful children and one who’s fully immersed in the world of eclectic homeschooling. With a deep passion for supporting busy homeschool moms, she strives to empower them not only to survive, but to thrive in their homeschools through her website, Embracing Homeschool. She is dedicated to guiding and inspiring busy moms to enrich their homeschools by providing an eclectically abundant feast of learning opportunities for their children.

Jen Garrison Stuber
Jen Garrison Stuber is the Advocacy Chair for WHO. In this capacity, she has helped may families navigate homeschooling their children with special needs. Her own kidlet has ADHD. Dyslexia, ASD, and a clinically significant difference between the hemispheres of her brain.

Amy Beckstead Leonard
Amy has been homeschooling in Washington state for over 25 years. She has 6 children; 4 are homeschool graduates and have moved on to college and careers. 2 are still at home. Nothing could have been better than living and learning together. She has also been on the board of WHO since 2004.

Wendy Gudiel
We started to homeschool back in 2015 out of need. The public school system was failing my daughter, and there was a significant decline in her mental health. After much research and reflection on what we wanted for our children, we decided to homeschool. Homeschooling has been by far the best decision we have made. It has allowed us to focus on our children’s mental health and schooling.

Monica Miller
I want every parent to be comfortable and confident in making informed decisions when it comes to their children’s education. I also would like for every child to have positive experiences when it comes to education and learning, keeping in mind that everyone is unique and has great potential.

Art Jury
Homeschool Father of 20 years to two boys who are now in their 20’s. BS in Psychology from UW. Skillz Organization, Advanced CPNS Graduate. Certified Instructor and 4th Degree Blackbelt Kim’s Taekwon do. Currently the owner at Dauntless Martial Arts teaching Taekwon do and Skillz Child Development.

Amber O’Neal Johnston
Amber O’Neal Johnston is an established authority on infusing diverse voices, cultures, and a love for others into the home environment. She’s an author, speaker, and homeschooling mama who shares her observations in various publications and as a coveted speaker at parenting and education conferences. Amber lives in Atlanta, Georgia nestled among pine trees, hammocks, and ziplines with her husband Scott and their four children, and she shares about the beauty of a culturally and socially conscious home environment in her book A Place to Belong, a guide for families of all backgrounds hoping to raise kids to celebrate their heritage, community, and the world.

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