Homeschooling and the Single Working Parent

Email of the Day:
I’m a single parent of a 9 year old that is miserable in school and a baby due in February. It’s taking a toll on her and all i want to do is take her out and fallow a self led learning lifestyle. I’ve only ever worked out of home so my question is how do single parents A) work out of home and what would you do with the school aged child since there aren’t any programs for school aged children to attend during the day? Or B) what are some legitimate stay at home jobs or business ideas to support this kind of lifestyle?

I only have a tiny part of this answer, so I’d like others to chime in. I was working when I started homeschooling my then-7yo, so she accompanied me to my college classes (I was the prof).
How about ya’ll? What clever and creative ways have you managed to balance work and homeschooling?

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