Socializing Introverts

You know who you are: the extroverted parent of an introvert.
You worry, you kvetch, you wonder if you’re doing your wee introvert more harm than good by homeschooling.

And when people as, “What about socialization?” you cringe, because you know they’re talking about you and your weird kid who would rather spend time alone.

Here’s the thing: you’re an extrovert or you’re an introvert. These are personality traits. They’re things that just are. And the beautiful thing about homeschooling is that, instead of being punished in myriad ways for being an introvert (as introverts are in any large group setting), your introvert is free to just be h**self, to learn and live in a comfortable environment, to have a few very close friends, and not to worry about everyone else.

They’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. It’s okay.

~Jen GS