Special Needs

Email of the Day:
I’ve got wee little kids with special needs. The school is pressuring me to register to have an appointment about continuation of services from the pre-school program. I just feel like everyone is against me homecoming my kids. That there is this pressure that I can’t do it.

You’re not imagining it. Kids with special needs are worth more (financially) to schools than kids without. A lot more, in many cases.

And our compulsory attendance doesn’t kick in until 8. So if the school has a kid from 6 mos. to 8 years old — that’s a lot of money. Schools know the longer they keep you, the more you’ll feel you can’t do this without them, so it behooves them to hold on as long and as tightly as they can.

The pressure you’re feeling is real. You not being able to homeschool — that’s not real. You can do it. You can do a great job. No one loves your kidlets more and no one wants what’s best for them more than you do.

This is how I figure it when someone’s angling for me or for my business (or for my kid!)
— if you can’t convince me that what you have to offer is spectacular, is going to be awesome for my kid and my family
— if you can’t convince me that it is something worth my time and my energy and my money
— if you think the only way to sell me on your product is to make me feel bad about myself
— I don’t need what you’re peddling.
~ Jen GS