Amy Beckstead Leonard

Building a Learning Community
Homeschooling can involve much more than a parent and children at home. Veteran homeschooler Amy Beckstead Leonard will share ways to include friends, neighbors, and extended family to develop a learning community and ease the burden on a homeschooling parent.

Amy Beckstead Leonard
Amy Beckstead Leonard
Amy has been homeschooling in Washington state for over 25 years. She has 6 children; 4 are homeschool graduates and have moved on to college and careers. 2 are still at home. Nothing could have been better than living and learning together. She has also been on the board of WHO since 2004.

Using Community Resources

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  • Rosalind says:

    Thank you. These are great ideas. I like the idea of using community programs to build community. I’ve been looking for a co-op but haven’t found one that fits. This broadens my options to possibly find families and do things together.

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