WHO Advocacy

Alternative Education

Home-based Instruction vs Alternative Learning Experience Programs. Read more.

Statement of Unity

Would your group like to add their name to this statement? Click here to read the statement and add your name.

Virtual/Online Schools

Public School Virtual/Online programs target Homeschoolers. Read more.

Public School Standardized Testing

Are my homeschooled kids required to take the Public School standardized tests like the WASL or the new High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE)?. Read more.

Part-Time Enrollment

Our state law and your tax dollars guarantee part-time enrollment privileges for your homeschooled student in public school. Read more.

Public Schools Marketing to Homeschoolers

Effective July 26, 2009, it is illegal for a public school district to market to homeschoolers. Read more.

Washington State Legislature

Important links on information regarding our state legislature . Read more.

Email Announcement List

Communicating with WHO members and homeschoolers throughout the state on issues of importance has always been a major objective of the organization. Read more.