Homeschooling just PE

Email of the Day:
I would like to homeschool my 8th grader for PE, just this semester.

I was in touch with CVSD about homeschooling my daughter for PE but they weren’t sure how I would go about that. They said I need to find an online program and then provide CVSD the information. I just do not know where to start.

I have a membership at Planet Fitness and she would like to accompany me. Do you have any suggestions on how I get the ball rolling?

The law provides for homeschoolers and private schoolers to attend school on a part time basis, but it doesn’t actually provide for the converse (a public schooler to homeschool on a part time basis).

That being said, this has been done before. What generally happens is this: the parent submits a Declaration of Intent (to become a homeschooler), and then removes the child from the school for the subject in question (PE), and does whatever coursework the parent decides on. The law says this about transferring back: (RCW 28A.200.010(1)(b) ” At the time of a transfer to a public school, the superintendent of the local school district in which the child enrolls may require a standardized achievement test to be administered and shall have the authority to determine the appropriate grade and course level placement of the child after consultation with parents and review of the child’s records.”
The school cannot reject the transfer of the coursework out of hand, but they are under no obligation to accept it.

I would recommend that you have a set agreement in place with the school, in writing, detailing their acceptance of the coursework toward your daughter’s advancement from 8th grade to 9th grade before you embark on this course of action.

Interesting subnote: of the 11 subjects homeschoolers are required to cover, PE is not one of them. This is neither here nor there (and I certainly wouldn’t bring it to the school’s attention), just a note of interest. (Secondary note: pretty much all homeschoolers, if for no other reason than parental sanity, include PE in their curriculum).

Let me know if you have further questions.
–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair