Email of the Day:
Hi, I’m a Washington homeschooler who completed k12 in a homeschool. I’m looking at studying abroad and need a diploma signed by a principal to do this. What’s your suggestions regarding obtaining this?

It is your parents who should issue your diploma. If you have two parents, have one sign as the “primary teacher” (or a similar title), and the other as the “principal.” If you have only one parent, omit the “teacher” category.

I also recommend that you do this: Have the diploma notarized. This should cost $0 at your bank, or a few dollars at a bank where you don’t have an account.

Likewise with your transcript — have it titled “Official Highschool Transcript” and get it notarized.
Institutions have “official” and “unofficial” transcripts — and receiving institutions only want the former.

The notarizing is silly, as the only thing it means is this person brought me this piece of paper (h** diploma/transcript). But you would not believe how much it gladdens the hearts of bureaucrats, especially those overseas.

One last note: many notaries are now using an ink stamp for notarizing. Overseas officials much prefer embossed notary stamps. It would probably be worth the hassle to find someone who’s got an embossing stamp type (other places to find notaries: law offices, accountants offices, real estate or insurance offices, travel agencies, pharmacies, and courts or town clerks’ offices).

Let me know if you have further questions,
–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair