Intro to Homeschooling Part 1: Compulsory Attendance

Posted by Jen Garrison Stuber

Intro to Homeschooling Part 1: Compulsory Attendance

There’s basically 5 things you need to know to begin homeschooling in WA, and they’re on this page:

Cover the 11 Subjects
Test or Assess Annually
Keep Certain Records

Compulsory attendance in WA in from 8-18. If you enroll a 6 or 7 yo in school, they, too become subject to the compulsory attendance law until what point you formally with draw them. It is a VERY common misconception on the part of school officials that 5, 6, and 7yos who have been in school are then obligated to submit a Declaration of Intent. They are NOT. They revert to being educationally free. There are NO circumstances under which a 7yo should be included on a DofI.

(If you’ve got several children, and your 7yo is turning 8 shortly after the 15th of September, sure, go ahead and add h** to your DofI so you don’t have to remember to file a second one later).

If you have an >18yo who is participating in something via the schools (classes, sports, Running Start), you’ll want to include them on the DofI.

In Sum: no one under the age of 7, and only a very few over 18 should ever end up on the DofI.

(The DofI discussion is coming up shortly — there is a lot of overlap).

There’s basically 5 points to make in the intro, and they’re on this page:

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