Parent Qualifying Course at Convention

Email of the Day:
I was looking over the schedule of events at Convention, and I found the Parent Qualifying Course. I have a bachelor’s, so if I’m reading the law correctly, I don’t need the class to qualify. But is it okay to take it anyway?

You’ve read the law correctly. To qualify to homeschool in WA, you need only one of four things:

1) 45 college quarter credits
2) Take a PQC
3) Hire a teacher to provide oversight
4) Gain superintendent approval

That being said, from time to time folks who qualify to homeschool in our state by virtue of their college work (and your BA qualifies you 4x over) choose to take the PQC. You are more than welcome to join us if you’d like to.

The sign up is here.

Welcome to homeschooling! It’s a great journey!

~Jen GS