Tacoma Youth Chorus

Tacoma Youth Chorus, a community-based program for youth ages 5-18, delivers outstanding choral and music education and an all-around character-building program. Five performance-based choirs rehearse September through June, while our Music Makers (grades K-2) meet October through June in weekly nonperformance music and movement classes. ** TYC is a qualified community-based instructor with OASIS and

One Sound School of Music

One Sound School of Music, based in Monroe, WA is accepting violin and viola students for summer and fall 2023. Beginning violin group classes and youth string orchestra is coming soon to Monroe. Please inquire if interested at Andrew@onesound.school Website:  https://one-sound.org/

Seattle Drum School of Music

Seattle Drum School Band Camps are an amazing experience for young musicians. It’s their chance to unlock their creative potential, acquire rehearsal skills, and learn cooperation and teamwork. The campers will work with a full time coach for five days of collaboration and magic, ending with a final performance on the last day of camp. Click for

The Tacoma Area Homeschool Band

The Tacoma Area Homeschool Band provides an appealing atmosphere and learning opportunities to challenge/enhance students in an ensemble and band setting for the joy of music while encouraging individual growth and risk taking. On September 8th Ted Brown will be there with musical instruments that kids can try out and see what clicks for them.

A Music Affects Program

Do you enjoy music and crafts? Are you 12 years of age or older? Would you like to participate in a music effects program for seniors? Wiser Care Services needs your hands, your smiles and your heart. We currently conduct our program at nursing homes, elder day care facilities and assisted living in South King