GKK Tutoring and Consulting

Hello Washington Homeschool Community! I provide services in the areas of tutoring from pre- school – graduate school in English, college advising, and parent academic/psychology consultations. I am exclusively online so I am not limited to a certain geographical region! Please review my full range of services on my website: www.gkktutoringandconsulting.com

Seattle Drum School of Music

Seattle Drum School Band Camps are an amazing experience for young musicians. It’s their chance to unlock their creative potential, acquire rehearsal skills, and learn cooperation and teamwork. The campers will work with a full time coach for five days of collaboration and magic, ending with a final performance on the last day of camp. Click for


FOR HOME-SCHOOL KIDS & YOUTH– 1ST Grade – 8TH Grade One-on-One 1-hour Sports Session OPTION 1: PLAYING FOR FUN. OPTION 2: PLAYING TO TRAIN Olympia LBA Park Tuesday or Friday – mornings Ryan Gudbranson (360) 791-4613 Text or Voice Mail https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=DD87F73F43E3FA7!1561&ithint=file%2cpptx&authkey=!AsdXCEpMHI6MVTo

Three Dragons Academy

Three Dragons Academy: a learning community for & by Seattle homeschoolers; Arts-enrichment programs serving K-8 kids. Uniquely child-centered learning includes music & drama lessons nurturing harmonious teamwork while developing confidence & originality. TDA’s multiage classroom is a modern ‘one-room schoolhouse’: cohorts grow together for years. For a lifetime Love of Learning, apply here: ThreeDragonsAcademy.com

Seattle Bouldering Project’s 7-week Homeschool Climbing Club

Seattle Bouldering Project’s 7-week Homeschool Climbing Club offers kids aged 7-12 a fun and supportive environment to explore climbing fundamentals with engaging instructors. Our program is a great option for new and experienced climbers alike, and focuses on personal growth through challenge by choice and creative movement. Homeschool Climbing Club meets on Thursdays from 11:30am-1pm

Studio East’s Friday Homeschool Classes!

Fridays just got even better – check out Studio East’s Friday Homeschool Classes! Students ages 4-16 can join a performing arts class including Dramatic Adventures, Broadway Kids, and Musical Production. Whether you are looking at drama as part of your curriculum or as a creative outlet, these classes are a great way to engage creativity

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD? Fresh Start Learning Can Help

Wondering why they’re struggling? 20% off – dyslexia/ADHD/dyscalculia assessment if booked by 9/19/22 Is reading, writing or math a challenge for them? Do they avoid doing schoolwork? Is a younger sibling doing better than them? Is rote memorization or phonics not working? Consider trying something that capitalizes on their creativity and gets at the root

The Tacoma Area Homeschool Band

The Tacoma Area Homeschool Band provides an appealing atmosphere and learning opportunities to challenge/enhance students in an ensemble and band setting for the joy of music while encouraging individual growth and risk taking. On September 8th Ted Brown will be there with musical instruments that kids can try out and see what clicks for them.

Tacoma Youth Chorus

Tacoma Youth Chorus, a community-based program for youth ages 5-18, delivers outstanding choral and music education and an all-around character-building program. Five performance-based choirs rehearse September through June, while our Music Makers (grades K-1) meet in weekly nonperformance music and movement classes. ** TYC is a qualified community-based instructor with OASIS. Website link: www.tacomayouthchorus.org Facebook