Dear Superintendent (Proof of Qualification)

Email of the Day (from Jen GS — a follow-on to the previous Email of the Day):

Dear Superintendent,

I was recently contacted by a mutual constituent of ours concerning Your School District’s current Declaration of Intent form, which is out of compliance with the law.

The law allows schools to ask for the names and ages of the homeschooled children ages 8-17, but not their birthdates or grades.
The law allows schools to check if the homeschooling is being overseen by a certificated person, but not to ask for additional information about the hired teacher.
The law does not allow schools to request to see parent’s transcripts or certificate of completion for a parent qualifying course.
Further, the law does not allow schools to request to see the student’s annual test scores or assessments.

We see this from time to time, and have successfully worked with a number of districts to bring their forms into compliance with the law.

There are samples of Declarations of Intent that conform to the law here:
and here:…/homebaseded/PinkBook/pinkbook.pdf

I would be happy to work with your staff to develop a Declaration of Intent for your SD that is in compliance with the law.

–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair