Highschool Graduation Requirements

Email of the Day:
Hi Jen, I have a question about the world language requirement for WA. Things change after the year 2019. From what I read, if they are graduating after 2019, they have to have 2 years in the same foreign language or ASL or native American language. Now someone also told me they must read and write that language. Um, not sure that’s possible for ASL. Your thoughts please.
Also, based on my research, I could choose to have them NOT do a world language and instead have 2 credits towards an interest, like zoology for example. They called it like personalized pathway. So am I interpreting it correctly that my kids could skip doing foreign language and instead study something that will help them in their career? Both my kids struggle with language processing due to having dyslexia, so skipping foreign language would be a lot easier on them. Neither has plans for University right after high school, but I’m hoping they go to community college at least and then a tech program, like the vet tech program at pierce college.
They will be graduating from our homeschool probably in Dec. 2020.

From the board of ed website: “Personalized Pathway Requirement are related courses that lead to a specific post high school career or educational outcome chosen by the student based on the student’s interests and High School and Beyond Plan, that may include Career and Technical Education, and are intended to provide a focus for the student’s learning.” Since we homeschool, we deem what their “plan beyond” will be! So if they both are interested in working with animals, vet tech, animal rescue, couldn’t I deem any learning that relates to that career, as “personalized pathway” and call it good? I’m thinking the answer is yes.

Those requirements are for public school students, and don’t apply to homeschoolers.
Your requirement is the 11 subjects:
Reading. writing, language, spelling, math, history, social studies, science, health, occupational ed, and an appreciation of art and music.

There is no HS and Beyond plan, no final project, no world language requirement.
None of that. Just the 11 subjects.
You can, of course, add to that, but you’re also free not to.
Do what works best for you and yours.
~Jen GS