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13GemBlogGreetings, my name is Jacob Echevarria.  I am a certified Physical Education specialist from the University of Georgia and I moved to Washington state to create the first Homeschool and Adaptive Needs Physical Education program.  My organization is called 13 Generations Educational Mission, LLC  (13GEM) and it operates the programs “PE for EveryBody” and “Adapted PE for EveryBody” which includes:

*Flag Football (ages 10 – 18)
*Ultimate Frisbee (ages 10 – 18)
*Locomotor and Spatial Mapping (ages 5 – 9)

I have 8 years teaching experience and like many homeschool families I became disenfranchised with the school system so I left it for the past two and a half years.  However, my PASSION is teaching so I have recently been yearning to get back into the Educational field, but not back into the school system… so I created 13GEM.  This is my dream- to teach Physical Education everyday independent of the school system.

The website is  I have invested a significant amount of time and effort to develop that website and thoroughly explain the programs, philosophies, policies, schedules, etc.  I have posted the business license, UGA transcript, and all other official documentation which you can request to see in-person for verification.  If you have any further questions after visiting the website then please email me at  Check out the Facebook page by searching “13 Generations Educational Mission, LLC”.  I will be using that Facebook page as the primary interface for posting up-to-the-minute announcements, news, and information necessary for 13GEM parents to be well informed.

Registration begins this Wednesday August 24th in-person at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, WA and will continue every Mondaythrough Friday thereafter from 10a-12p for anyone to drop-in and register, meet me, view the World-class facility, and/or ask questions.  Classes will begin as soon as any time slot meets the minimum of six enrolled students.

Thank you for your time and I sincerely hope that you can help me realize my dream by giving me the opportunity to physically educate your students.


Jacob Echevarria
13 Generations Educational Mission, LLC
“PE for EveryBody” and “Adapted PE for EveryBody”

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