Intro to Homeschooling Part 6: Part Time Attendance and Ancillary Services

Posted by Jen Garrison Stuber

Intro to Homeschooling Part 6: Part Time Attendance and Ancillary Services

As a homeschooler or private schooler, you are entitled to attend your local school on a part time basis and/or use ancillary services (the law defines this as anything that is not a “class”). We also have “school choice” in WA, allowing you to attend a school in another district. In the former case, you are a full class citizen, entitled to anything you would otherwise be entitled to as a full time student. In the latter case, it is contingent on space availability.

You do not have to take a class to receive ancillary services (though some school districts like to try to make you do that).

You are responsible for any transportation outside the normal routes and times.

In elementary school, you are generally limited to the “extras” (music /art / PE), because they are the only courses that are at a set and scheduled time. (The 3rd grade teacher may intend to do math every morning at 10am, but *he might have to bag it on Monday, English might run short on Tuesday, etc.).

Ancillary services include special needs services (speech, occupational therapy, etc), sports, the prom, etc. WIAA sports (highschool) will require an inordinate amount of paperwork — suck it up.

To sign up for part time attendance and/or ancillary services, merely go to your local school and find out what they need from you to enroll.

The school’s funding is contingent on their compliance with this law. Occasionally, they need to be reminded of this fact.

~Jen GS

Applicable laws:
RCW 28A.150.350(1)(d)

For purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply:
(d) “Part time student” shall mean and include: Any student enrolled in a course of instruction in a private school and taking courses at and/or receiving ancillary services offered by any public school not available in such private school; or any student who is not enrolled in a private school and is receiving home-based instruction under RCW 28A.225.010 which instruction includes taking courses at or receiving ancillary services from the local school district or both; or any student involved in any work training program and taking courses in any public school, which work training program is approved by the school board of the district in which such school is located.
as well as RCW 28A.150.350(2) The board of directors of any school district is authorized and, in the same manner as for other public school students, shall permit the enrollment of and provide ancillary services for part time students: PROVIDED, That this section shall only apply to part time students who would be otherwise eligible for full time enrollment in the school district.

WAC 392-134-010:

An eligible part-time public school student who qualifies as a resident of a public school district pursuant to the definition of a “resident student” set forth in chapter 392-137 WAC, as now or hereafter amended, shall be entitled to attend the schools of the district within his or her attendance area tuition free on a part-time basis. Eligible part-time public school students who meet the admission policies of a public charter school shall be entitled to attend the school tuition free on a part-time basis.
An eligible part-time public school student shall be entitled to take any course, receive any ancillary service, and take or receive any combination of courses and ancillary services which is made available by a public school to full-time students. Eligible nonresident part-time public school students may be enrolled at the discretion of a public school district pursuant to the terms and procedures established for nonresident student attendance in chapter 392-137 WAC, as now or hereafter amended.

It is occasionally necessary to remind the school of WAC 392-134-030: Each public school district and charter school shall certify compliance with this chapter as a condition to the reimbursement of costs pursuant to RCW 28A.150.250, 28A.150.260 and 28A.150.350, as now or hereafter amended. State and federal funds shall be withheld in whole or part or recovered in whole or part through reduction in future entitlements of a district or charter school as necessary to enforce the provisions and intent of this chapter.
(In sum: the school MUST obey the law, or risk their funding).

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