Laundering Homeschool Credits

Email of the Day:
Our Public School has been approached on several occasions, by parents wishing to enroll their student, in the hopes they graduate from our high school. I am interested in where I can direct families to get their students’ work documented onto a transcript. Any information would be helpful to both us and our families.

The law specifically places the requirement for creating student records for home-based instuction students on the parents; it does not provide for a source outside the homeschooling parents to provide these documents.

The law guides schools in the transfer of homeschooled students into public schools, giving the superintendent the role to receive the parent-created records and to consult with the parents (and, if *he wishes, to administer a standardized achievement test) before determining the grade placement of a home-based instruction student entering the school district.

We encourage you to follow the law on this matter.


–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair