Email of the Day:
I have [college credits / a certificate from a parent qualifying course I took long ago] — do I need to submit this documentation somewhere? (I’m not sure I can find it).


Homeschooling in WA is a lot like driving in WA.

It’s assumed, if you’re driving a motor vehicle, that you have a driver’s license and insurance. But the police can’t just pull you over to check and see if you have those things — you have to have done something else (run a red light) to initiate that. Ditto with homeschooling — we have things that we have to do to be in compliance with the law (qualifying, declaring, test/assessment, covering the 11 subjects, keeping records — but there’s no mechanism in the law for anyone to check.

There are no homeschooling police.

Chances are — unless you’re headed back into the schools, divorce, have an interaction with CPS, or your kidlet is a hoodlum — chances are you’ll never ever be asked to produce any of this.