Running Start Success

Email of the Day:

I wrote to you last year about getting my daughter accepted as a running start student. You provided some terrific help, and I wanted to update you on how it’s gone.

As per your advice, I submitted the CAT/5 for sophomore year to our local high school. The crucial question, which you warned me about, was “when did my daughter start working on her freshman year material?” And I replied that it was two years earlier. They really are a stickler for that one year = one grade in school, regardless of ability or comprehension. It’s boggling.

The school accepted my daughter as a junior, and agreed to enroll in running start. She never once came with me to the high school office. They did try to get her to take a few classes as the school, but I declined. They offered her to graduate with a HS diploma with the HS student body, but I declined. She’ll be getting her HS diploma through the state of Washington as part of the college, not the HS. Sweet!

Fall quarter as a running start student was rough. She took online classes, and they were emotionally hard for her. Not seeing other people, she got depressed and sometimes didn’t leave the house for a few days. Academically, she did well and was even on the President’s honor roll for the quarter. But we determined to have some human contact for the following quarter.

We’re in winter quarter now, and she’s doing great with two on-campus classes (Hist 220, Sociology 101) and one online (Anthropology 100). So we’re going to go with that kind of balance from now on.

I’m really grateful to all the help, guidance, and stability your responses gave me when I was trying to make this work. She wouldn’t be in college right now without your help, and that means so much to my family.

Thank you, so very much!

~Jen GS