University Email of the Day

University Email of the Day:
I am working with a student that is interested in our University. She received homeschooling from 4th grade until senior year in the state of Washington. I do believe that we accept the homeschool requirements for Washington, however, I’d like to try and help the student retrieve her transcripts or guide her in the direction of being able to request this information to be sent to our university. Can someone please contact me and tell me exactly what documents would potentially be provided to show high school completion and where they can be retrieved and the process so I can make sure we are able to accept these documents. Thank you kindly!

WA law provides only for the parents to create transcripts for their homeschooled students. You student’s parents should have (or should, since it appears they did not) provided her with transcripts and a diploma. (My own daughter is a senior at uni with transcripts her father and I provided).

If you’d like to send them my way, I can help them develop these for your student.

Generally speaking, homeschool transcripts reflect the education of the homeschooler. Many are quite traditional, but many (my daughter’s included) reflect the experiential and novel nature of the homeschooling received. My husband and I additionally wrote a cover letter to help our school’s admissions officer understand our daughter’s transcript (which contained things like strawbale school, a permaculture design certificate, fire science (she was a volunteer fire fighter), and lock-picking and cyber-security.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair