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Summer Adventures with Salish Sea Expeditions

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As the student pulls the cod-end of the phytoplankton net from the water, it is apparent there is a lot of ‘stuff’ that has been filtered from the water.  The students along the shoreline are excited and anticipating what they may see through the microscopes they set up just prior to getting their feet wet.


Earth Day is coming! Homeschoolers, Learn More About It!

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We celebrate Earth Day each April to raise awareness of environmental issues. Millions of people around the world celebrate in various events. The Seattle area alone has eight events from April 16th through April 24th.  See this web site for details:   Spokane will have an event on April 23 at The Riverfront Park. Tukwila will have


Part Time Attendance and Testing

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Email of the Day: My 8th grade daughter is a part-time homeschool student this year. I am teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, and PE at home. She attends her neighborhood public school for math, science, foreign language, and electives. I cannot find any concrete information concerning how we must meet the Annual Testing requirement, given